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6 3MTS SS SUPERSPEED Embossed Tie Straps — 86 3XCNS SUPERSPEED Embossed Diaphragm Straps — 88 3XCNS KIP SUPERSPEED Embossed Diaphragm Straps — 88 3XTS SS SUPERSPEED Embossed Tie Straps — 86 AA Adjustable Anchor AB 62 AAEL Adjustable Anchor Long ABU 62 ABC Anchor Bolt Chair — 82 AD Anchor Down HD 76 ADA Anchor Down HDA 76 ADAG Anchor Down HDA 76 ADBG Anchor Down HDA 76 ADC Anchor Down Concentric HDC 78 ADG Anchor Down Quick HDU/HDQ/HHDQ 78 ADSTG Anchor Down Quick HDU/PHD-SDS 78 AGUS Heavy-Duty Joist and Truss Hangers — 15a AHU Heavy Duty — 13a ATH Adjustable Truss Hanger THA 28 ATHI Adjustable Truss Hanger I-Joist THAI 28 ATHR Adjustable Truss Hanger THAC 28 ATHSR/L Adjustable Truss Hanger Skewed THASR/L 28 BC Beam Cap CC 58 BCC Beam Cap Centered CCC 58 BCO Beam Cap No Legs CCO 58 BCOB Beam Cap O avy HGLB 52 BST Beam Seat "T" GLBT 52 BW/BWS Bearing Washer (Slotted) BP/BPS 80 BW-KIT Bearing Washer BP-KIT 80 CA Clip Anchor L 64 CAD California Anchor Down System ATS 106 CAS Clip Anchor Skewable LS 64 CNS Embossed Diaphragm Straps — 88 CNS KIP SUPERSPEED Embossed Diaphragm Straps — 88 CNSI SUPERSPEED Embossed Diaphragm Straps — 88 CPT Cross Purlin Tie PCT 50 CSAI Strap Anchor I-Joist CPAI 72 DA Deck Anchor BCO 62 DAS Deck Anchor Stand Off APS 62 DSTL/R-SDS Drag Strut Tie DSCL/R-SDS 54 E Economy Joist Hanger LU 8 EA Elevated Anchor EPB 62 EA-12 Elevated Anchor 12 Inch EPB-12 62 EBC End Beam Cap ECC 58 EBCL End Beam Cap "L" Type ECCL 58 EBCO End Beam Cap No Legs ECCO 58 EBCOQ End Beam Cap No Legs Quick ECCOQ 58 EBCQ End Beam Cap Quick ECCQ 58 EPB End Post Beam Cap ACE 54 ESC End Splice Cap EPC 58 ETAH Embedded Truss Anchor Heavy HETA 72 ETAHH Embedded Truss Anchor Heavy Heavy HHETA 72 ETAM Embedded Truss Anchor Medium META 72 FA Framing Anchor A 64 FAL/FALW Framing Anchor/Lateral Wall LTP/RBC 64 FB Fence Bracket FB 101 FH Formed Hanger FN 20 FHA Tie Strap FHA 90 FJ Floor Jack J/JP 96 FMTSZ TrussLok-Z Screw — 103 FST Floor Strap Tie FTA 80 FSTL Floor Strap Tie Light LFTA 80 GA Gusset Angle HGA 70 GH Girder Hanger GH 94 GST Glulam Strut Tie HSA 52 GTH Girder Tiedown Heavy HGT 70 GTL Girder Tiedown Light LGT 70 GTM Girder Tiedown Medium MGT 70 H Heavy Hanger HU 16, 45 HA Heavy Anchor CB 60 HAQ Heavy Anchor Quick CBQ 60 HAS Heavy Anchor Stand Off CBS 60 HASQ Heavy Anchor Stand Off Quick CBSQ 60 HBH Heavy Beam Hanger EG 48 HBHQ Heavy Beam Hanger Screw Type EGQ 43 HCTS Hinge Connector Tie Strap HCST 51 HDTP Heavy Duty Truss Plated Hanger HHUS 12 HH Header Hanger HH 56 HHC Heavy Hinge Connector HCA 50 HHC2M Heavy Hinge Connector HC2CTA 50 HHC3 Heavy Hinge Connector HC3A 50 HHC3/4M Heavy Hinge Connector HC4C3TA 50 HHC3M Heavy Hinge Connector HCC3TA 50 HHC4M Heavy Hinge Connector HC4CTA 50 HHCM Heavy Hinge Connector HCCTA 50 HHDTP Heavy Heavy Duty Truss Plated Hanger HGUS 14 HHDTPQ Heavy Heavy Duty Truss Plated Hanger Quick HGUSQ 14 HL Heavy Angle HL 70 HPS Heavy Piling Strap PS 90 HR Heavy Hanger (Reverse) HUC 16 HRQ Heavy Hanger Quick(Reverse) HUCQ 14 HSA Heavy Strap Anchor HPA/HPAHD 72, 74 HSH Heavy Saddle Hanger HGLS 50 HSHT Heavy Saddle Hanger/Seismic Tie HGLST 48 HT Hurricane Tie H / HCP 66 HTF Heavy Top Flange Hanger HUTF 18, 45 HTFR Heavy Top Flange Hanger (Reverse) HUCTF 18 HTP/AHU Heavy Truss Plated Hanger HUS 12,13a HTPR Heavy Truss Plated Hanger (Reverse) HUSC 12 HTPTF Heavy Truss Plated Top Flange Hanger HUSTF 12 HTPTFR Heavy Truss Plated Top Flange Hanger (Reverse) HUSCTF 12 HTR Heavy Top Mount Hanger HIT 37 HTS Heavy Tie Strap HST 90 HTW Heavy Twist Strap HTS 90 HTWC Heavy Twist Strap Centered HTSC 90 ISU Hanger I-Joist IUS 34 KB Knee Brace VB 54 KCAB KC Anchor Bolt SSTB 82 KTJC Heavy-Duty Joist and Truss Hangers — 13a L "L" Brace L 68 LBH Light Glulam Beam Hanger LEG 46, 48 LBW Light Bearing Washer LBP 81 LBWS Light Bearing Washer Slotted LBPS 81 LEPB4 Post Beam Cap LCE4 54 LH "L" Brace Heavy HL 68 LHJTR/L Light Hip/Jack Truss Hanger Skewed LTHJR/L 24 LL Light Angle A 68 LMTH Light Multiple Truss Hanger LTHMA 24 LS Light Sloped/Hanger LSU 10 LS Light Strap LSTA 91a LSC Load Share Clip — 29a LSS Light Sloped/Skewed Hanger LSSU 10 LSSAD SUPERSPEED Strap Anchor Down Embedded LSTHD 74 LSSADRJ SUPERSPEED Strap Anchor Down Rim Joist LSTHDRJ 74 LTSA Light Tie Strap LSTA 90 LTSI Light Tie Strap I-Joist LSTI 90 MA Mudsill Anchor MA / MAB 94 MAS Mudsill Anchor Single-Side MAS 94 MBH Medium Beam Hanger MEG 48 MBHG Masonry Beam Hanger MBHA 100 MBHGR/L Masonry Beam Hanger Skewed Right/Left (45º) MBHAR/L 100 MC Mullion Clip FC 56 MHJT Medium Hip/Jack Truss Hanger THJA 24 ML Medium Angle A 68 MMTH Medium Multiple Truss Hanger MTHM 24 MS Medium Strap MSTA 91a MSAI Masonry Strap Anchor I-Joist MPAI 72 MSC Multiple Seat Connector MSC — MSP Mudsill Plate Washer — 80 MSR/L Medium Skewed Right/Left Hanger (45º) HSUR/L 8 MSR/LC Medium Skewed Right/Left Hanger (45º) (Reverse) HSUR/LC 8 MTHTF Multiple Truss Hanger Top Flange MSCPT 26 MTHTFN Multiple Truss Hanger Top Flange MSCPTN 27 MTR Medium Top Mount Hanger MIT 37 MTS Medium Tie Strap MST 86, 90 MTS SS SUPERSPEED Embossed Tie Straps — 86 MTSC Tie Strap Countersunk MSTC 86, 90 MTSC SS SUPERSPEED Embossed Tie Straps — 86 MTSI Medium Tie Strap I-Joist MSTI 86, 90 MTSI SS SUPERSPEED Embossed Tie Straps — 86 MTW Medium Twist Strap MTS 90 MTWC Medium Twist Strap Centered MTSC 90 MUI Medium Hanger I-Joist MIU 42 N Nails N 4 NP Nail Plate TP 102 NPA Nail Plate TPA 102 OA Ornamental Angle OHA 98 OBC Ornamental Beam Cap OCC 98 OEBC Ornamental End Beam Cap OECC 98 OH Ornamental Hanger OHU 98 OHA Ornamental Heavy Anchor OCB 98 OHS Ornamental Heavy Strap Tie OHS 98 OL Ornamental "L" Brace OL 98 OLH Ornamental "L" Brace Heavy OHL 98 OS Ornamental Strap Tie OS 98 OT Ornamental "T" Brace OT 98 OTH Ornamental "T" Brace Heavy OHT 98 PA Post Anchor PB 60 PAM Post Anchor Medium LCB 62 PAS Post Anchor Standoff PBS 60 PB Post Beam Cap AC 54 PC Post Cap BC/BCS 54 PC Steel Plywood Clip PSCL 101 PH Panel Hanger F 18 PHG Panel Hanger Grip Type F_N 18 PHGLTF Panel Hanger Long Top Flange HFN 18 PTC Post Tie Cap LPC 54 R Roof Hanger W 22, 40, 45 RA Roof Hanger WNP/WP 22, 40, 45 RAI Roof Hanger I-Joist WNPI 40 RAU Uplift Roof Hanger WPU 40 RCS Retrofit Coil Strap CS/CMST 92 RCS-R Retrofit Coil Strap Retail CS-R 92 RCSC Retrofit Coil Strap Counter Sink CMSTC 92 RFA Retrofit Foundation Angle FA / HFA 96 RFP Retrofit Foundation Plate FAP 96 RFS Retrofit Foundation Strap FJA / FSA 96 RH Roof Hanger HW 22, 40, 45 RHG Roof Hanger Glulam HW 22, 45 RHI Roof Hanger I-Joist HWI 40 RHU Uplift Roof Hanger HWU 40 RI Roof Hanger I-Joist WI 40 RM Masonry Hanger WM 40, 100 RMI Masonry Hanger I-Joist WMI 40 RMU Masonry Hanger (Uplift) WMU 40 RPA Retrofit Post Anchor CBA66 96 RPS Tie Strap RPS 102 RR Rafter Ridge Connectors RR 102 RS Roof Structure Hanger B / LB 20, 38, 45 RS Rolled Strap CS 93a RSG Roof Structure Hanger GB 20,45 RSGH Roof Structure Hanger HGB 20, 45 RSH Roof Structure Hanger HHB 20, 45 RSI Roof Structure Hanger I-Joist BI 38 RSL Roof Structure Hanger Light I-Joist LBV 38 RSO Roof Structure Hanger HB 20, 38, 45 RSOI Roof Structure Hanger I-Joist HBI 38 RSV Joist and Purlin Hanger LBV 38 S Standard Hanger U 8, 45 SA Strap Anchor PA/PAHD 72, 74 SAI Strap Anchor I-Joist PAI 72 SAMT Strap Anchor Twist Masonry PATM 72 SB Stud Brace SS 102 SBB Shelf Bracket Big SBV 101 SBS (CFA) Shelf Bracket Small CF-R 101 SC Splice Cap PC 58 SDS SUPERSPEED Drive Screw SDS 80 SFC Speed Form Clip — 94 SH Saddle Hanger GLS 48 SHT Saddle Hanger/Seismic Tie GLST 48 SI Standard Hanger I-Joist IUT 42 SP Safety Plate NS 101 SPT Stud Plate Tie SSP 56 SPTD Stud Plate Tie Double DSP 56 SPTH Stud Plate Tie Heavy SPH 56 SPTR Stud Plate Tie (Reverse) RSP 56 SPTS Stud Plate Tie Single SSP 56 SSAD SUPERSPEED Strap Anchor Down Embedded STHD 74 SSADRJ SUPERSPEED Strap Anchor Down Embedded Rim Joist STHDRJ 74 SSC Sloped Seat Connector VPA 10 SSR/L Standard Skewed Right/Left Hanger (45º) SUR/L 8 SSW SUPERSPEED Shear Wall SSW 84 ST Strap Tie SA 52 ST/AD Steel Stud Hardware S/HD 44 ST/CA Steel Stud Hardware S/L 44 ST/CAS Steel Stud Hardware S/LS 44 ST/R Steel Stud Hardware S/W 44 ST/RS Steel Stud Hardware S/B 44 ST/WA Steel Stud Hardware S/LTT20 44 ST/WAH14 Steel Stud Hardware S/HTT14 44 STA Stair Tread Angle TA 70 STP Standard Truss Hanger LUS 12 T "T" Brace T 68 TC Roof Truss Clip STC 66 TCB Truss Clip Base TBE 56 TCD Roof Truss Clip Double DTC 66 TCH Roof Truss Clip Heavy HTC 66 TCL Roof Truss Clip Long STCT 66 TGH Truss Girder Hanger THGB 26 TGHH Truss Girder Hanger Heavy THGBH 26 TGHR/L Truss Girder Hanger Skewed Right/Left (45º) THGHR/L 26 TGHW Truss Girder Hanger Wrap Around THGW 26 TH "T" Brace Heavy HT 68 TR Top Mount Hanger JB / ITT 22, 36 TRN Post Frame Hanger PF 22 TS Tie Strap ST 90 TRS Hanger I-Joist ITS 34 TS SS SUPERSPEED Embossed Tie Straps — 86 TSA Tie Strap MSTA 90 TSC Truss Scissor Clip TC 56 TW Twist Strap TS 90 W1 Wedge W1 94 WA Wall Anchor LTT 52 WAH Wall Anchor Heavy HTT 52 WAI Wall Anchor I-Joist LTT/LTTI 52 WAL Wall Anchor Light LTT-B 52 WAM Wall Anchor Medium MTT-B 52 WAW Wall Anchor Washer RP6 52 WB Wall Bracing Flat WB 92 WBA Wall Bracing Angle CWB 92 WFT Wedge Form Tie WT 94 XB Tension Bridging TB 92 ZH "Z" Hangers (Clip) Z 68 PRO CODE Description Ref No Page PRO CODE Description Ref No Page PRO CODE Description Ref No Page ALPHABETICAL LISTING - 800.521.9790 ITW BCG Hardware

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