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Subsitutions Reference 3/20/15 Original SKU Recommended LDS/MDS substitution Original (cont.) Recommended LDS/MDS (cont.) S210 LDS210 HTPR412 LDS412 STP210 LDS210 S414 LDS412 S210-2 LDS210-2 S44 LDS44 HTP210-2 LDS210-2 STP44 LDS44 STP210-2 LDS210-2 HTPR46 LDS46 STP210-2G LDS210-2G S46 LDS46 S210-3 LDS210-3 STP46 LDS46 STP210-3 LDS210-3 HTP46 LDS46 STP210-3G LDS210-3G HTP48 LDS48 STP210G LDS210G STP48 LDS48 STP212-2 LDS212-2 HDTP1.81/10 MDS1.81/10 HTP212-2 LDS212-2 HDTP210 MDS210 S24 LDS24 HDTP210-2 MDS210-2 STP24 LDS24 HDTP210-4 MDS210-4 LTH24 (US only) LDS24 HDTP26 MDS26 S24-2 LDS24-2 HDTP26-2 MDS26-2 STP24-2 LDS24-2 HDTP28 MDS28 LTH24-2 (US only) LDS24-2 HDTP28-2 MDS28-2 STP24-2G LDS24-2G HDTP410 MDS410 STP24G LDS24G HTPR410 MDS410 S26 LDS26 HDTP46 MDS46 STP26 LDS26 HDTP48 MDS48 LTH26 (US only) LDS26 HTPR26-2 LDS26-2 S26-2 LDS26-2 LTH26-2 (US only) LDS26-2 HTP26-2 LDS26-2 STP26-2 LDS26-2 STP26-3 LDS26-3 STP26-3G LDS26-3G STP26G LDS26G LTH28 (US only) LDS28 STP28 LDS28 STP28-2 LDS28-2 HTP28-2 LDS28-2 LTH28-2 (US only) LDS28-2 HTPR28-2 LDS28-2 STP28-3 LDS28-3 STP28-3G LDS28-3G STP28G LDS28G HTP410 LDS410 S410 LDS410 STP410 LDS410 HTP412 LDS412 In conjunction with the launch of the LDS and MDS Face-Mount Hanger series, Alpine Construction Hardware is ending support for 66 items from the Structural Connectors catalog. The list below displays the original SKU name next to the LDS/MDS equivalent. Note that most of the new LDS and MDS series substitutes multiple products.

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