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Alpine's new LDS and MDS Face-Mount Hanger Series are designed to enhance productivity by speeding and simplifying the construction process. Engineered to outperform any other comparable face-mount hangers available, these hangers are easy to install and oer outstanding durability and value. They replace up to four dierent series oered by competitors. Many Dierent Product Choices The 33 dierent hangers in the LDS and MDS Series provide higher load-carrying capacities for all lumber species and load duration factors than comparable products. They also incorporate a highly ecient design that requires the use of fewer nails. The slant nails are guided by a tent to help achieve the proper angle during every installation. In addition, an enhanced nailing option permits even greater load-carrying capacity. Several hangers also incorporate a unique design with a special tooth that temporarily holds the hanger in place and facilitates proper installation.* Your Quality Assurance Designed, engineered and manufactured by Alpine, these hangers are made from high-strength, mill-certied steel. They are backed by nearly 50 years of engineering excellence and experience. All of the new hangers carry IAPMO (ER_0179) and FBC (FL 14079-R4) engineering approvals. LDS and MDS Face-Mount Hanger Series Provide Peak Performance LDS Series Hanger MDS Series Hanger Construction Hardware

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