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Construction Hardware 888 Forest Edge Drive Vernon Hills, IL 60061 (800) 521-9790 © 2015, Alpine, a division of ITW Building Components Group Inc. Form L1014-R2 6/15 LDS and MDS Face-Mount Hanger Series Provide Peak Performance Connect with Alpine and build your business. Alpine Part Name Existing Part Name Reference SKU Alpine Part Name Existing Part Name Reference SKU LDS210 STP210 LUS210 LDS48 STP48 LUS48 LDS210-2 STP210-2 LUS210-2 MDS1.81/10 HDTP1.81/10 HUS1.81/10 LDS210-3 STP210-3 LUS210-3 MDS210 HDTP210 HUS210 LDS212-2 STP212-2 LUS214-2 MDS210-2 HDTP210-2 HUS210-2 LDS212-3 -- -- MDS210-3 HDTP210-3 HUS210-3 LDS24 STP24 LUS24 MDS210-4 HDTP210-4 HHUS210-4 LDS24-2 STP24-2 LUS24-2 MDS26 HDTP26 HUS26 LDS26 STP26 LUS26 MDS26-2 HDTP26-2 HUS26-2 LDS26-2 STP26-2 LUS26-2 MDS26-3 HDTP26-3 HUS26-3 LDS26-3 STP26-3 LUS26-3 MDS28 HDTP28 HUS28 LDS28 STP28 LUS28 MDS28-2 HDTP28-2 HUS28-2 LDS28-2 STP28-2 LUS28-2 MDS28-3 HDTP28-3 -- LDS28-3 STP28-3 LUS28-3 MDS28-4 -- HU28-4 LDS410 STP410 LUS410 MDS410 HDTP410 HUS410 LDS412 STP412 LUS414 MDS46 HDTP46 HUS46 LDS44 STP44 LUS44 MDS48 HDTP48 HUS48 LDS46 STP46 LUS46

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