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Parts of a Truss Framed Roof Gable End Valley Set Girder Truss Dutch Hip Girder Dutch Hip Framing Stepdown Hip Framing End Jack Stepdown Girder Stepdown Truss Common Truss Typical Wood Truss Configurations Parts of a Truss Panel Length Peak Continuous Lateral Brace 12 Slope (Pitch) Truss Plate Top Chord Heel Bottom Chord Bearing Point Splice Panel Point Wedge Block Span (Out To Out Of Bearings) Cantilever Bottom Chord Length Overhang Web Typical Triangular Trusses Clear Story Vault Slope Slope Coffer (Cove) Studio With Three Bearing Points Studio With Two Bearing Points Double Cantilever Room-In-Attic Dual Slope (Double Pitch) Tri-Bearing Modified Queen Scissors Howe Scissors Common Trusses & Their Spans King Post -- Span Up to 16' Queen Post (Fan) -- Spans 10' to 22' Fink (W) -- Spans 16' to 33' Howe (K) -- Spans 24' to 36' Fan (Double Fan) -- Spans 30' to 36' Modified Queen (Multi-Panel) -- Spans 32' to 44' Double Fink (WW) -- Spans 40' to 60' Double Howe (KK) -- Spans 40' to 60' Triple Fink (WWW) -- Spans 54' to 80' Triple Howe (KKK) -- Spans 54' to 80' Three Piece Raised Center Bay Lengths 50' to 100'+ Three Piece Long Span (Field Connected) -- Spans 60' to 80' Modified Fan (Triple Fan) -- Spans 44' to 60' Mono Trusses Scissors Mono Mono Typical Flat & Parallel Chord Trusses Stepdown Hip Hip Girder Double Cantilever With Parapets Flat Truss With Cantilever (Pratt Configuration) Top Chord Bearing Flat Truss (Pratt Configuration) Flat Truss (Warren Configuration) Sloping Parallel Chords (Howe Configuration) Sloping Top Chord (Howe Configuration) Floor Truss (System 42 - Modified Warren Configuration) Wood trusses are pre-built components that function as structural support members. A truss commonly employs one or more triangles in its construction. The wood truss configurations illustrated on this chart are a representative sampling. The number of panels, configuration of webs and length of spans will vary according to given applications, building materials and regional conditions. Always refer to an engineered drawing for the actual truss design. Recognized for its engineering excellence, productivity-enhancing software and equipment solutions, and the industry's best service, Alpine is a leading provider of building component software, metal connector products and equipment to component manufacturers. Since 1966, the company has partnered closely with customers to enhance their business and productivity. About Alpine: Long Span Sissors -- Spans 45' to 70' Large Long Span Trusses require special handling and erection specifications. Please ask your sales representative for more information. Note of Caution: The installation of wood trusses requires the same high degree of safety awareness as the installation of any other structural material. Spans over 60' may require complex permanent bracing. Wood Roof and Floor Trusses are Environmentally Compatible.

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