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Technical Services Installation Code Approval Association Memberships UL Listings Warranty TrusSteel CFS roof and floor trusses are designed by Authorized TrusSteel component fabricators utilizing Alpine SteelVIEW truss design software. Individual truss component designs and any special roof component design requested by the TrusSteel component fabricator are provided by the professional engineering staff of Alpine TrusSteel. The overall building design remains the responsibility of the project Engineer/Architect of Record. Refer to ANSI/AISI S214 "North American Standard for Cold-Formed Steel Framing - Truss Design" for design responsibilities associated with the truss design engineer and building designer. It is the responsibility of the General Contractor and/or Truss Framing Sub-Contractor to ensure that fabricated trusses shall be handled, stored and installed in such a manner that they are not subjected to damage. Proper handling, safety precautions and other procedures consistent with good installation practices must be observed by all sub-contractors and their employees. Installation bracing shall hold trusses straight and plumb and in safe condition until decking and permanent truss bracing has been fastened forming a structurally sound framing system. All sub- contractors shall employ proper construction procedures to provide adequate distribution of temporary construction loads so that the carrying capacity of any single truss, or group of trusses, is not exceeded. All temporary and permanent bracing shall be installed and all trusses permanently fastened before application of any loads. Permanent structural bracing shall be installed according to the design of the Architect or Engineer of Record (Building Designer). Refer to CFSBCSI documents for industry standards regarding Handling, Installing, Restraining and Bracing of Cold-Formed Steel Trusses ( TrusSteel chord and web members SHALL NOT be removed, cut or altered without the prior approval of the truss design engineer. Damaged chords, webs or complete trusses shall be repaired or replaced as directed and approved by a registered Design Professional. The repair or replacement detail(s) shall be approved by a registered Design Professional prior to installation or application of the repair or replacement. TrusSteel CFS trusses shall be installed in a properly designed, ventilated and enclosed roof or floor cavity. Properly installed trusses require no ongoing maintenance. National Evaluation Report No. NER-529. Alpine personnel are active members in the Cold-Formed Steel Engineers Institute, American Iron and Steel Institute, Truss Plate Institute, American Society for Testing & Materials, Steel Framing Industry Association, American Society of Civil Engineers, Steel Framing Alliance and Cold-Formed Steel Council of SBCA, as well as other industry groups. TrusSteel products qualify for numerous generic and proprietary hourly ratings, both restrained and unrestrained, from the following UL Design No.'s: P515, P525, P526, P540, L551, L565 and G542. Visit for additional information. ITW Building Components Group Inc., warrants that, after reasonable notice in writing delivered to Chief Engineer, Alpine TrusSteel, 2400 Lake Orange Drive, Suite 150, Orlando, FL 32837, and after reasonable opportunity to inspect, it will repair or replace without charge, any product manufactured by Alpine which, upon inspection, is found by Alpine to have been defective at the time of delivery by Alpine. This warranty does not apply in the event the products have been altered, damaged, fabricated improperly, installed improperly, or misused in any manner after delivery by Alpine. This remedy shall constitute Alpine's sole obligation and purchaser's sole remedy under this warranty. In no event will Alpine be responsible for incidental, consequential, or special loss or damage regardless of cause. Products sold, but not manufactured by Alpine shall be subject to the warranties of the respective manufacturers. The warranty described in this paragraph shall be in lieu of any other warranty, express or implied, included but not limited to, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, all such other warranties being hereby expressly excluded. Specification Data Sheet Section 05 44 00 Cold-Formed Steel Trusses 888 Forest Edge Drive Vernon Hills, IL 60061 (888) 565-9181 ● ● ● ● © 2015 Alpine, a division of ITW Building Components Group Inc. Form: L1016-R1 4/15

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