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Product Distribution Product Description Technical Data Fastener Specifications Product Availability Alpine TrusSteel 2400 Lake Orange Drive, Suite 150 Orlando, FL 32837 (888) 565-9181 All steel conforms to ASTM A653, A924 and A500 standards. TrusSteel chord sections are manufactured in 22, 20, 18, 16, 14 and 12 gauge thicknesses. The web materials are manufactured in 20, 18 and 16 gauge thicknesses. All materials are available in both G60 or G90 equivalent galvanization. The following table provides the minimum base metal thickness requirements for chord and web material: The calculation of the structural properties for TrusSteel truss chords and webs is in compliance with the standards set forth in the ANSI/AISI S100 "North American Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members." TrusSteel trusses are designed in compliance with the ANSI/AISI S214 "North American Standard for Cold- Formed Steel Framing - Truss Design." All web to chord member connections shall employ the appropriate TrusSteel self-drilling fasteners. Due to the proprietary Double-Shear and Anti-Backoutâ„¢ thread technologies utilized in the fastener design, there are no allowable substitute fasteners. Alternative fastening methods such as welding are not acceptable. Refer to TrusSteel standard detail sheets TS011 and TS011A for allowable shear loads. TrusSteel cold-formed steel trusses are available from Authorized TrusSteel component fabricators throughout North America. Project layouts, component designs and project costs are available from the Authorized Fabricators within that network. Contact the TrusSteel Division at (888) 565-9181, or visit, for assistance in locating the nearest TrusSteel fabricator. TrusSteel CFS (Cold-Formed Steel) truss components are superior materials for use in the fabrication of pitched or flat roof trusses and open-web floor trusses for the commercial and residential markets. The proprietary complex-shaped roll-formed chord material provides the highest strength-to-weight ratio available in the CFS framing market today. The open throat chord material, symmetric webs and proprietary Alpine Double-Shearâ„¢ fastener technology combine to produce a product with outstanding structural integrity and exceptional handling characteristics. TrusSteel chord members are produced in three distinct section sizes with each chord section available in multiple steel thicknesses. The combination of the multiple chord sections with various size web material provides the architect, engineer and builder with additional flexibility when designing structures requiring trusses in the light- commercial structural roof and floor framing market. TrusSteel CFS roof and floor truss components provide a cost-effective option for supplying the growing demand for non-combustible framing products. The TrusSteel component systems are an excellent alternative for C-channel, bar joist and fire retardant lumber systems. Specification Data Sheet TrusSteel Chords (55 ksi) (50 ksi) TrusSteel Roll-Formed Webs TrusSteel Welded Tube Webs 22g = 0.0284 in. 14g = 0.0677 in. 20g = 0.0329 in. 12g = 0.0966 in. 18g = 0.0428 in. 16g = 0.0538 in. 20g C-Web = 0.0329 in. (33 ksi) 20g Z-Web = 0.0329 in. (40 ksi) 18g Z-Web = 0.0428 in. (40 ksi) 20g = 0.0330 in. (45 ksi) 18g = 0.0470 in. (45 ksi) 16g = 0.0630 in. (45 ksi) Section 05 44 00 Cold-Formed Steel Trusses

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