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Safer and Easier to Install The unique features of TrusSteel trusses make them safe to handle and erect. Stiffer trusses add handling control and reduce the danger of buckling during lifting and placement. The rolled edges of the chords and webs help protect workers from cuts. TrusSteel trusses can be as light as one-half the weight of similar wood or "C" channel steel trusses. Unlike some other CFS trusses, laterally stiff TrusSteel trusses resist folding or "butterflying" and perform exceptionally well in rafted installations. Reduced Callbacks TrusSteel trusses reduce callbacks because they start straighter and remain straighter than many other types of trusses. The dimensional stability of steel also reduces drywall fastener pops. Delivered Quality and Value TrusSteel trusses help you achieve your quality goals: roof lines that plane accurately, eaves and soffits that align properly and interior ceiling lines that are flat and true. From bidding to punch list, TrusSteel delivers value to your project through increased safety, quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Profitability Save Time and Money Turnkey Packages Sealed Engineering Drawings Field Installation Details BIM-Enabled Floor Trusses Timely Quotations Experienced Designers Shop-Fabricated Trusses Accurate Truss Layouts Comprehensive Shop Drawings Curved ARC Trusses UL-Rated Assemblies 2400 Lake Orange Drive, Suite 150 Orlando, FL 32837 888-565-9181 ● ● ● ● @2016 Alpine, a division of ITW Building Components Group Inc. Form L1015-R1 10/15 Section 05 44 00 Cold Formed Steel Trusses

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