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Project Phoenix - Pentagon Rebuild Productivity Responsible Products TrusSteel CFS trusses contribute to a safer built environment. They do not emit moisture or fumes during their life cycle. They are resistant to insect attack, and do not provide a medium for the growth of mold. And, since steel is the most recycled building material, TrusSteel can help you reach your LEED goals. Recognized Fire Resistance Noncombustible TrusSteel trusses provide integral, recognized fire resistance that does not fade with time. See our Truss Design Manual or our website for more information on TrusSteel's useful, cost-saving UL-listed roof and floor assemblies. Structural Performance Backed by nearly 50 years of experience in the truss industry, you can be assured that TrusSteel understands the structural performance of trusses. The powerful SteelVIEW™ truss design software analyzes each truss using the latest industry standards, guided by AISI Design Standards. TrusSteel's unique multi-node modeling, derived and validated from full-scale testing, delivers the most accurate structural analysis within the industry. Quality Trusses TrusSteel CFS trusses are built in a shop environment with experienced fabrication personnel. TrusSteel endorses industry truss shop quality control standards developed by the SBCA Cold-Formed Steel Council. Economical System Since TrusSteel CFS trusses are the stiffest trusses in the industry, less permanent bracing is typically required within the truss system. This feature, combined with excellent performance at 4 ft. or greater on-center spacing, can reduce the cost of the installed truss system through reduced labor costs, materials and project duration. Property insurance premium discounts may provide long-term savings. Design Flexibility TrusSteel provides span capabilities with greater design flexibility than those of competing products such as bar joists and cee stud trusses. As a result, you can design in familiar roof lines, pitched or flat, with hips, gables, gambrels, mono pitch, mansards, cantilevers, overhangs, scissors and floor trusses - even curves and barrel vaults using TrusSteel's ARC™ truss system. TrusSteel delivers a framing solution for all types of construction including retrofit. Easy to Specify and Design TrusSteel's comprehensive Truss Design Manual contains information on the latest industry standards and building codes, a guide specification in CSI format, and standard details in DXF and DWG formats, assuring that your specs and construction documents are accurate and complete. Local TrusSteel fabricators can aid you in making informed decisions about project designs and costs. Availability TrusSteel supports the most extensive network of CFS truss fabricators in the industry. This nationwide network assures that TrusSteel trusses are available for your projects in every region of the United States and Canada. Authorized Fabricators may qualify as "local" suppliers toward LEED point calculations. More Information For in-depth technical and application information on TrusSteel, go to You can download CAD details, order a Truss Design Manual or request an educational seminar. Responsibility Ka'anapali Ocean Resorts - Maui, HI 2 Section 05 44 00 Cold Formed Steel Trusses

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