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Wave Plate "H" High-Strength 20 Gauge Plate "SS" Super-Strength 18 Gauge Plate + The "H" High-Strength 20 Gauge Plate delivers increased tension values for use in splice joints. + Uses Grade 60 steel – a grade that is 50 percent stronger than the steel used for the Wave Plate. + The tooth length matches the tooth length of the Wave Plate, which is important for roller press compatibility in truss production. + The "H" High-Strength 20 Gauge Plate, previously known as the "HS" plate, is identified by an "H 20" stamp. + Designed and produced for use with MSR and other high-performance lumbers utilized today. + Delivers higher steel capacities in tension for splicing. + The "SS" Super-Strength 18 Gauge Plate uses Grade 60 steel and tooth length matches the Wave Plate for roller press compatibility. + The "SS" Plate is identified by an "S 18" stamp to separate it from the 20 gauge "H" plate. + The "SS" Plate has the highest tension value of all connector plates. + One of the most popular connector plates manufactured today. + Best-performing plate in side-by-side comparison tests with all other competitive products. + Can be rolled or hydraulically pressed. + Uses Grade 40 steel for superior plate values and quality. + Produced following extensive research and development by Alpine engineers. Connector Plates That Are Engineered to Enhance Productivity and Performance

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