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Gain better control of your sta, material and production costs with eShop software. eShop interfaces with a variety of equipment, and easily adapts to the machinery from most manufacturers and vendors. Use eShop to manage your plant more eciently and: • Track production in real time; • Gain insight into your production data through intuitive reports; • Quickly redirect workload between machines and monitor crew eciency; • Instantly dispatch rebuild and rush jobs to automated and manual saws; • Provide table crews with complete on-screen job information, truss jig measuring tools and re-cut requests; • Easily adjust schedules and enhance the accuracy of predicted costs; • Easily integrates with iCommand and Homebase; Automatic job status updates, date changes and exchange production data. No import / export required. Streamline your shop's production by contacting us today to schedule an eShop demonstration. Features • Productivity tracker • Production estimation • At-a-glance job reporting • Simplied adjustments and re-cuts • Interactive scheduling • Equipment interfaces • Inventory and sta analysis • Accounting software integration Plant Dashboard Interactive Scheduler Truss Table / Banding Real-time truss plant management tools | (800) 521-9790 AN ITW COMPANY eShop

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