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Eliminated SKUs Reference 11/17/14 Obsoleted SKU Recommended replacement (Where Applicable) Obsoleted SKU (cont.) Recommended replacement (cont.) (Where Applicable) PC1532 PC12 MA4G N/A PC1932 PC58 MA6 N/A RCS150/16 RCS200/18 MASG N/A 0203-B N/A NP15 N/A 45L1.75/10 N/A NP311 N/A 45L1.75/10 N/A NP35 N/A 45L2.56/10 N/A NP37 N/A 45L26-2T N/A NP411 N/A 45R2.56/10 N/A PB4G N/A 45R26-2T N/A PB6G N/A AGUS416 N/A PC2-2/4 N/A AGUS610 N/A PC2-3/6 N/A AGUS612 N/A PCS2-3/6G N/A AGUS616 N/A PDT5G N/A AGUS68 N/A PDT7G N/A AGUS810 N/A RAI49.25 N/A AGUS816 N/A RAI416 N/A AHU1.75/10 N/A RAI411.25-2 N/A AHU1.75/12 N/A RAI39.5-2 N/A AHU1.75/8 N/A RAI3516-2 N/A AHU210-3 N/A RAI311.88 N/A AHU210-4 N/A RAI1.81/12 N/A AHU26-3 N/A RAU3.56/20 N/A AHU28-3 N/A RCS25/16 N/A BFR1/2X10 N/A SAI23 N/A BRF1/2X6 N/A SR26 N/A BW3/4-3 N/A SSL26G N/A DDQ2G N/A SSL310G N/A E102 N/A SSR26G N/A G5-22 N/A SSR310G N/A HA66 N/A STA10 N/A HA88 N/A STA10G N/A HAQ66 N/A STA9G N/A HASQ66 N/A T6 N/A HC127 N/A TA40 N/A HT10AG N/A TCL N/A HW4-214 N/A TH16 N/A HW4-234 N/A TS121 N/A I-11.88/1.5 N/A TS1720 N/A I-14/1.5 N/A TS181 N/A I-16/1.5 N/A TS36 N/A I-9.5/1.5 N/A TSC24 N/A LSS210G N/A TSC26 N/A LSS26G N/A TSC28 N/A MA15 N/A TW18 N/A XB20 N/A ZH241 N/A

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