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17' 32' 5' BEDROOM You Can Save Time, Money and Build a Better Home Wall panels are built in a controlled environment using precision laser technology to ensure consistent quality and fit. Because the wall panels arrive on site as a system, there are fewer construction delays, allowing you to complete more homes per year. Get the Job Done Faster When wall panels arrive on your job site, each one is labeled and accompanied by detailed instructions for set-up sequence and placement. This speeds up installation. Reduce Your Labor Needs and Costs Using wall panels means faster installation time. It also means you'll need fewer framers, which translates into more cost savings for you. You're able to maximize your team with only one crew leader. General contractors can also manage multiple job sites more efficiently. In addition, wall panels require less cutting and nailing so you can reduce the risk of job site injuries. ITW Building Components Group is a leading supplier of innovative products and services for the building component industry. Offering component engineering services, design and management software, cutting and manufacturing equipment, a unique trimmable end floor truss system and metal truss connector plates. The pioneering work done for wood components was also applied to our unsurpassed cold-formed steel product line. These outstanding products and services allow our customers to manufacture the finest building components available anywhere. A recently expanded software product line now includes design and manufacturing programs that will help streamline the entire building process. Engineering principals are fundamental to everything we do and connections are key…to every truss, to every building, to every component business. Everything is built on trust - trust in the experience and judgment of every professional involved in the project. By designing tools that let each professional connect and build on the work others have done along the way. Our products help to streamline the entire building process. By connecting more building professionals with the right software and tools we can all work together - building synergy. ITW Building Components Group represents premier brand names including Alpine Engineered Products, Truswal Systems, Alpine Equipment, Intelligent Building Systems, SpaceJoist TE, Ameri-CAD, hsbCAD, TrusSteel, Alpine Systems in Canada and Pryda. Our parent company is a leading international business corporation with nearly 100 years of history, Illinois Tool Works Inc. (NYSE: ITW) is a diversified manufacturer of advanced industrial technology. ITW designs and produces an array of highly engineered fasteners and components, equipment and consumable systems, and specialty products and equipment for customers around the world. Our 825 decentralized business units are located in 52 countries and employ approximately 60,000 men and women who are all focused on creating value-added products and innovative customer solutions. 800.521.9790 - - 01/26/12 Version This guide or any part thereof may not be reproduce in any form without the written permission of ITW Building Components Group Inc. © Copyright 2012 - All Rights Reserved. 954-979-9699 ext. 4067 Get more Quality, Flexibility and Labor Savings using Get more Quality, Flexibility and Labor Savings using WALL PANELS

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