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17' 32' 39'3" 12' 6" 22'3" Builders want solutions that help them stay on schedule and maintain quality construction and profits. When compared to traditional frame construction, manufactured wall panels are better, stronger, and can be installed faster. A wall panel is an engineered structural component assembled from wood members. Like other engineered wood products, wall panels save you time, money, and guesswork. All wall panels are developed by skilled technicians using sophisticated computer modeling software. The result is building components precision fitted to exact job specifications. You'll receive a layout for a complete wall system with framed-in openings for windows, doors, and headers, exactly as detailed on the plans. Get more Quality, Flexibility and Labor Savings using Get more Quality, Flexibility and Labor Savings using The component manufacturing process is simple and offers the professional builder plenty of time- and cost-saving resources along the way. Here's how it works: The building designer determines what loads need to be supported within the home. House plans are sent by the builder to the component manufacturer. There are hundreds of manufacturers operating nationwide, but builders should research the quality and delivery costs before choosing a vendor. . Then the component designer determines the panels that will be required, and their specific placement in the home. The manufacturer then builds the component, labels them for accurate installation, and ships them to the builder on the job site. A detailed diagram with the placements of the panels is sent along with the shipment to help the builder place the components exactly where they should be installed. Once the wall panels are on the site, the builder can really start to see the benefits. These benefits will reduce the amount of time trade contractors spend on site, speed up construction, and ultimately save the builder money. The technology used in the design and manufacturing of wall panels makes them a superior choice for builders looking to streamline construction and provide a higher quality home to their customers. WALL PANELS 2

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