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Get more Quality, Flexibility and Labor Savings using ROOF TRUSSES Layout, Design and Engineering Software Powerful CAD-based design software from ITW Building Components Group generates traditional plan view layouts, and 3-D graphics that give an accurate picture of a structure from virtually any perspective by showing every component in place. ITW's Instinct Residential Design System is cutting edge technology utilizing a BIM-based system that integrates information and functions through a single 3-D model that can be shared by the entire supply chain. Get more Quality, Flexibility and Labor Savings using 12 ROOF TRUSSES ' 6" Bracing is extremely IMPORTANT!! Every roof system needs adequate bracing. The purpose of most bracing is to ensure that the trusses and truss members remain straight and do not bow out of their plane. Inadequate, improper or incorrectly installed bracing can lead to collapses, failures and serious accidents. An engineered bracing system will avoid these pitfalls and ensure the structural integrity of the truss system. Trusses need to be braced during installation, which is called temporary bracing and they need permanent bracing which will remain installed for the life of the roof system. Follow the recommendations for handling, installing and temporary restraining and bracing of trusses. " 32 ' 39 '3" 12 ' 22 '3" Temporary Bracing Guidelines: For metal plate connected wood truss systems, refer to BCSI Guide to Good Practice for Handling, Installing, Restraining & Bracing of Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses for more detailed information. Truss design drawings may specify locations of permanent lateral restraint or reinforcement for individual truss members. Refer to the BCSI-B3 Summary Sheet – Permanent Restraint/Bracing of Chords & Web Members for more information. All other permanent bracing design is the responsibility of the Building Designer. Contact the Component Manufacturer for more information or consult a Professional Engineer for assistance. 7'6 The innovative software, equipment, products and services available from ITW Building Components Group allows our customers to manufacture and sell the finest truss and wall components available in North America. ITW BCG offers component engineering services, design and management software, production equipment 2' 6 as well as truss connector plates. The pioneering concepts developed for wood trusses was applied 1to " our revolutionary line of products and services for cold-formed steel components. Engineering principals are fundamental to everything we do and connections are key…to every truss, to every building, to every component business. Everything is built on trust - trust in the experience and judgment of every professional involved in the project. By designing tools that let each professional connect and build on the work others have done along the way our products help to streamline the entire building process. By connecting more building professionals with the right software and tools we can all work together - building synergy, ITW Building Components Group represents premier brand names including Alpine Engineered Products, Truswal Systems, Alpine Equipment, Intelligent Building Systems, SpaceJoist TE, Ameri-CAD, hsbCAD, TrusSteel, Alpine Systems in Canada and Pryda. Our parent company is an international corporation with nearly 100 years of history. Illinois Tool Works Inc. (NYSE: ITW) is a diversified manufacturer of advanced industrial technology. ITW designs and produces an array of highly engineered fasteners, components, equipment, consumable and specialty products for customers around the globe. Our 825 decentralized business units in 57 countries, employ nearly 61,000 people who are all focused on creating value-added products and specialized customer solutions. 32 ' - 02/02/12 Version 17 ' 800.521.9790 - 32 ' This guide or any part thereof may not be reproduced in any form without the written permission of ITW Building Components Group Inc. © Copyright 2012 - All Rights Reserved. 954-979-9699 ext. 4067 Wood Roof Trusses are Environmentally Compatible. 6'3 "

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