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How do you know if your design time is actually productive? STITCHER helps your design team constructively spend time where it makes your business profitable. Designers at all levels will improve their throughput and increase their accuracy. Review plans quickly Respond to customers faster Minimize bidding errors Design with confidence Onboard new designers quickly STITCHER will save up to 80% of plan input time and approximately 30% of the overall design time. Each new plan requires a designer to study it and adjust to its style, reducing productivity. STITCHER removes review time and subjectivity from the process eliminating interpretation and reducing human error. " Everybody should use STITCHER. ™ Being new to the bidding process, it helped me to learn and to find errors quickly, building my confidence. STITCHER equalizes the experienced and inexperienced—making monstrous jobs digestible." — Colten Sickler Designer, Hines Supply DESIGN EFFICIENCY Increased Capacity Faster Designer Onboarding Minimize Subjective Interpretation Quicker/Accurate Estimating Reduced Designer Skill Level Reduced Customer Turnaround Time

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