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Fast. Safe. Reliable. Connecting for the Future Intuitive controls Self-diagnostics Cleaner Air Energy efficient Easy Printing Change your cutting operation Alpine introduces a revolution in component saw design. The Alpine AutoMAKS is the latest addition to Alpine's legendary saw family and is the fastest, safest and most reliable component saw available. The AutoMAKS is the fastest saw in the market, moving boards through the machine as quickly as 2 per second. Using servo technology, this saw will set up 25 percent faster than other saws. An automatic infeed means a board will be placed in every dog, increasing efficiency. Safety is foremost in the design of the AutoMAKS. A cover keeps sawdust contained to the saw area and the cover shields workers from the blades. The sawyer operates the saw at the front of the infeed, preventing bending and straining and keeping hands away from the moving parts. Like its predecessors, the AutoMAKS features five blades to maximize the saw's cutting range and throughput. It utilizes servo drives and absolute encoders for exact movement and positioning. The advanced electronics contain diagnostic abilities that pinpoint a failing part and provide instructions for fixing or replacing the part, minimizing downtime The AutoMAKS will change your perception of component saws. ©2019 Alpine, a division of ITW Building Components Group Inc. Form L1047-R1 10/19

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