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eShop Panels Eliminate paper, gather valuable production data, and take control of the panel plant with Alpine's eShop Panels plant management system Connecting for the Future Customize from the office Customize individual stations to control what shop employees see at each location. On the screen, stations are grouped together for easy viewing. This simplifies the scheduling process and minimizes user error making it easy to send panel jobs to the right assembly and cutting stations. ©2019 Alpine, a division of ITW Building Components Group Inc. Form L-1045-R1 4/19 155 Harlem Avenue North Building – 4th Floor Glenview, Illinois 60025 800-521-9790 For more information contact your local Alpine sales manager or call 800 521 9790 eShop Panels is Alpine's latest implementation of an integrated, streamlined workflow to make panel plants more efficient and provide valuable data to production managers. Built into the same platform as eShop for trusses, eShop Panels enables customers to eliminate paper while gathering detailed, real-time production data at all panel stations. The system can be customized to fit any production workflow while connecting seamlessly with both design software and equipment. Highlights Track labor input associated with all panel production activity Provide real-time status updates on panel jobs in production Create custom dimensions on the floor to minimize questions Deliver a paperless plant solution reducing dependency on cluttered shop drawings Customize stations and define production lines to support any workflow Make setup and support simple and easy with web-based shop stations Fully integrated with iPanel design software Fully integrated with eShop truss production management system Framing Station with Custom Dimensions Simplify work in the shop Assemblers will have access to a clean, modern interface which shows them all the information they need to build a panel. They will also be able to snap custom dimensions and add/view production notes helping eliminate errors. By interacting with the shop stations via simple keystrokes, the shop employees can log valuable production data which provides management with real-time status. Line/Station Status Update Opening Station

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